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These programs designed as per current skills required by industry. This is joint effort of industry experts and academicians. The program focuses mainly on the skill development, upskilling and re-skilling to bridge the skill gap across varied industry vectors.

MSSU is the first state university in Maharashtra to offer programs in skill development. The program specified needs educational content, which can be delivered through teaching. This teaching can be online / offline (face to face) / flip classroom (where content is provided beforehand and discussed later in face-to-face class). This program and the job profile are high in demand apart from subject knowledge. 60 % part of the program will be delivered through On Job Training (OJT), which is special feature of the program.10 % part of the program skills is imparted through Project and Project Based Learning (PBL). OJT is taken care by the industry partner or you can get it at your workplace, if you are working in the same / similar domain. If you are full time student and wish to have Skill module, MSSU provides thoughtfully designed skill module to be equivalent to OJT. Option of semester long internships for full time students is also available.

MSSU is established to fulfil Skilling, Up skilling and re-skilling to the best of Industry and International standard. Where programs are jointly designed by Academic and Industry leaders, gathering best of both. This is the very reason the Program is floated by MSSU.

60 % Skilling means, the portion of the program hours is designed for the Skill training on Job (OJT) or through Internship at Industry or through Skill module, as the case may be for particular program, batch and student. Along with this 10% parts of program is. Delivered through Project or PBL, which is analysis, evaluation, application and design, creation level of the learning paradigm. While doing this, it is also taken care to teach / facilitate learning for the educational component by Academic and Industry faculty, those who are well qualified and may be certified in the domain.

Yes. Yes, working professionals are welcome to join the program, as one of the basic objects is up skilling and reskilling. Rather your job / profession will help you for OJT. Commitment of weekly teaching learning hours is appropriate, that every working professional can do it within every week. Moreover, we are providing digital content for self-paced learning and revising.

The training is scheduled on weekdays (Monday till Friday before 10 AM) and weekend (Saturday and Sunday 10 AM till 5PM).

No. In case the candidate does not have the necessary device, the candidate may attend the sessions at the campus.

The NOC is from the employer or a sponsorship letter is not required in case of certificate and diploma programs.

You can go through lecture videos and noted as per your convenience and make for the lost content. You are provided with dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) login to track the tasks and progress.

The faculty members are leading industry professionals with a good hand on the respective technologies and hold certification in the specified domain backed by academic expertise.

The classes will be held at Pune – MSSU campus, ITI road, Aundh location.

In case of certificate & diploma program

  1. If you are a fresher, we will provide the OJT / Internship for you .
  2. If you are employed the OJT will be the same company you work with however a short research project may be allotted to you with another as part of an academic requirement.

There is a robust mechanism of credits. Each for classroom 15 HRS, for OJT and LAB and Projects 30 HRS equals to one credit. A minimum number of credits per course or semester are to be fulfilled by the student to qualify for the various certifications.

Total Fees is to be paid at the time of admission. The fees’ structure will be different for each program; however, loan facility is available for the same from nationalised banks.

This facility is available only for students undertake graduate studies at MSSU.

The reservation policy shall be followed as per the prevailing rules and regulations of the Government of Maharashtra for specific programs run by skills university.

The batch size differs for different programs.  Software Programming, Cloud & Data Science has a batch size of 40 whereas for SAP courses 30 students per batch.

There is no entrance for certificate and diploma programs.

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